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Dalai plastic mold Co., Ltd specializes in designing and manufacturing kinds of plastic injection molds, our companowning the CNC equipment complex and some different modes injection equipments. With the professional technology and exquisite quality, Dalai Plastic Mold Co., Ltd has established the steady market in Sweden, Ukraine,Malaysia, Turkey, Brazil, France, Korea, JapanIndonesia, and  other  foreign countries. Sincerely express keen interest to invite your down visit and receive any further inquiries related to plastic mould or plastic parts cooperation

    Our  technology  is  abundant  ,and  dalai  plastic  mold  company  owns  the  advanced  CAD/CAM/CAE assistant  equipment,  Computer Numerical Control(CNC) processing center,  and  other  precise complete set equipment ,  including  the CNC line cutting, CNC electric spark, CNC lathe, and so on.


Science and technology constitutes the primary productive force. Dalai Mold aims at increasing its market share with leading edged technology, unsurpassed quality and satisfactory services; At Dalai, our ultimate goal is to carefully design the mold from the perspective of customer so as to reduce the mold cost, and decrease the plastic production cost and increase the production efficiency for customer as well.

Dalai plastic mold Co., Ltd make   the  market  in  the  world .We  develop  our company  depending  on  the  techonlogy,  quality ,and  serving .Choosing out   company’s  mold,  you  can  have  the  favourite  price ,obtain  the  favourite  mould.  You can creat the  products  effectively  at  the  lowest  cost .  we  sinserely  welcome you !


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